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Come up Market

Come Up LA
Come Up Markets is an eclectic shopping excursion for fashion enthusiast, thrift shoppers, gold grill rockers, sneakerheads, art collectors, vinyl aficionados, innovators and conscious consumers. At our monthly pop-up event patrons are able to shop, connect with local Black vendors, eat and vibe out to emerging live artists/dj’s. 

Our goal is to harness our collective spending power and work communally in an organized manner to create real socio-economic change within our communities.

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Netwerk to Networth
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Netwerk to Networth

This event was amazing. With small group sessions on how to define success, leadership and influence in your industry, breakout sessions for small bites, drinks, and guided meditation. It was all a woman could ask for. We love being a part of events in the city. Be sure to follow up on our IG page to see photos from the event and all the amazing women entrepreneurs we met.

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